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Easy, Fresh Salsa!

And Now For Something Completely Different*!

Going off my normal topic of my usual whining and complaining about life and writing to bring you a delicious and simple recipe! lol  

This is the easiest thing you can make for a group or… maybe just yourself if you feel like chomping on a lot of great, healthy, and fresh veggies all at once;-) Three peppers is only 8 carbs! And look at those beautiful colors! 

Easy, Fresh SALSA!

As you can see, this salsa is all chopped stuff, right? Essentially, get this quick list of fresh veggies, grab your slap-chop and you’re in business.

Easy, Fresh Salsa! Recipe

Serves:  4 (who really like salsa) – 6 (who are more interested in other stuff)
Time:  20 mins (chopping fast!)


1               medium Vidalia onion
1               bunch of Fresh Cilantro
2 Tbsp     Lime juice (fresh squeezed, or from the bottle is ok too)
10-12        small, multi-colored Sweet Peppers (see my fat, German thumb for scale. The peppers look tiny. Sorry for my big fat thumb.)
+ Salt & Pepper to taste
1     Hot Pepper of your choice – Jalapeno, Cubanelle, Habenero, or just a sprinkling of crushed red pepper 
Tortilla chips (I like the Tostitos Scoops, but you could use your hands, depending on the nature of the party you’re hosting/attending.)

Pepper 4 BumpsPick-A-Pepper

(DO NOT use green peppers in this salsa. They’re too bland.)

One thing I want to mention that I read on Pinterest a while back, and it took me a while to try it out, is that the Female peppers are the ones you’ll want to eat raw. They’re sweeter (like all of us females, of course) and in general, more flavorful! So, sauté those male bad-boys.

The way you can tell which ones are the Females are that they have 4 bumps on top (smaller peppers, as in the photo to the left with my fat, German thumb for a scale reference) or bottom (larger Bell peppers, it’s easier to tell). 

Another thing about this Salsa is that if you prepare it a day beforehand and allow it to ‘marinate’ with the lime juice overnight – you’ll have a delicious, softer salsa (not as crunchy, but not mushy either) for those wanting to partake in your healthy veggie-fest! 

*(Monty Python will never be irrelevant, by the way)

Go. Make Salsa! Go Ahead… Run Along Now!

I hope you enjoyed my post and will enjoy the delicious snack that results from the reading of this post.

Thanks – J.E.DiPalo

Woes of Advertising

It’s been interesting getting this whole self-promoting thing going for my book. I happen to think it’s a great book. So do my mom, my friends (who have read it), and a few others.

If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, I’m a bit of an introvert, so I tend not to go around shouting, “I’m an author! Read my novel!!” But you should… you’ll like it a lot!

Great features like this are very helpful and exciting to see! I simply asked for the post, and @digitalbookgirl posted! Thank you, @digitalbookgirl!

If this helps anyone, or if there are other ideas you may have for self-promoting without the shouting, I’d appreciate some comments!


Divided; After the Battle (Work-In-Progress)

After the battle, Corbin and Gabriel stand alone.

“All is still. As if the world has stopped breathing,” I said.

“Peace that follows battle is a futile peace. It is time to count dead and to assess which side stands closer to the win,” Gabriel said, looking amongst the fallen. “There are no winners in a battle. Only those who remain unbroken.”

“Unbroken?” I said. “No one in a battle comes out unbroken. Uninjured, yes.”

Read more in Divided, my novel TBA, Fall of 2017.  Visit for updates!

Thank you,

J.E. DiPalo

Losing Furby: A Crazy Cat-Lady Story

Alas, Cancer has claimed another victim. I’m not going to go in-depth about how cancer took my baby and how it should be eradicated from space and time. We all know it should be by now. I am simply writing a memoir devoted to my sweet friend.


Furby, April 2004-March 6, 2017

How I will miss Furby, I cannot even begin to describe. It has been ten days since his soul left this earth, and my mind just cannot reconcile the loss. The fact that he will never meow across the house when I call for him, fall asleep on my arm when I sing to him, or force Paws to beg for food [by jumping onto my head and pawing at my hair until I wake up at 6am]… is too hard to believe. (I know for a fact it was Furby making Paws do that now because he hasn’t done since he passed.)

Until ten days ago, our family consisted of a 1:1 cat to person ratio. Lily is John’s, Paws is Cole’s, and Furby was mine.

Yeah, boo-hoo for me – I know, but we’ve had him and Lily since they were abandoned at about 5 weeks old – barely weaned from their mother.

Synopsis of ‘Why We Were Meant To Be’

John, my then-fiancé/now-husband, and I were talking a month before we got married about getting two kittens. We also had a POS 1966 Ford Mustang (previously black/rust, pictured below) that we made a deal over: If we found our two kittens the next day, we


1966 Ford Mustang in Wineberry, A Retro-Mod Beauty with John at the wheel, using up the last of a full set of tires in a putrid cloud of on-road glory.

would paint the car red. If not, it would be blue (my choice). 

People overuse the word ‘literally’, and it drives me up a wall, but we were literally in his truck the next morning,  on our way to the SPCA to look for our kittens, when John got a call from his dad, asking if we wanted two kittens. Gary, a friend from his parents’ neighborhood, had gone out on a motorcycle ride to Hernando Beach that morning and found a Bud Lite box that had been left by the side of the road with three kittens in it. A man and his son stopped and said they would hold onto the box for him to come back with his truck, but they wanted one of the kittens.


Baby Furby and Lily

Gary and Jean had the little fluff-balls at their house when we arrived a half-hour later. Jean had named them Pansy and Lily. I was already playing with Jasmine and Lily… so I kept Lily for “my kitten.” John renamed his to Furball: Furby, for short.

Two things happened in the coming weeks that shocked us a little:

1. We took them to the vet and found out that Lily would be neutered, not spayed, as we originally thought.

2. After their surgeries, Furby came to me when his bandage came loose and his incision began to bleed.

Thus, Lily became Mr. Lily (the vet’s office loves when he comes in to visit because he’s such a sweet, feminine little guy;-) ) and Furby became my cat.

Somehow our kittens found us.

The day after Furby passed, John asked if I wanted to repaint the Mustang “a beautiful shade of blue”… but I got my deal.

If we had not gotten Paws (another random miracle), I fear Lily would be leaving us very soon as well, heartbroken from the loss of his brother. Apparently, he is supposed to stick around with us for a while. And so you know, don’t feel too badly for me not having a kitty to cuddle… John gets claustrophobic when Lily tries to sleep next to him. Every night. So he comes to me and snuggles. Every night. (Also, spoons may be a more accurate term than snuggles.)

Karma has paid me a huge advance by giving me these Fur-babies

I have a lot more to contribute until I am paid-up and can’t hope for any greater fortune than the love of Furby’s sweet little soul to remain in my heart, and the blessing of Lily and Paws to stay with us for as long as we can hold them. Sadly, even Karma cannot defeat cancer.

For Furby, I so feared that we would have to make the choice of when to take him to the vet’s office to put him to sleep, but I watched as the choice was made for us last Monday morning when he had a stroke and his body gave out over the following two hours. Whatever it is that controls us – be it fate, God, or biology – somehow knew that I would be unable to make the decision for him, and was kind to all of us in that we were able to be together when Furby passed. I had a strange feeling just before his stroke that I needed to stay with him a little longer, then John brought Cole home from school. Otherwise I would have gone on with my day and we would have lost him without realizing. 

Although I will always miss Furby’s chubby “pom-poms” (his lighter-brown rear haunches) running off into another room, I will remember him until after the inevitable Alzheimer’s kicks in. His name will be the last one I’ll forget, and I know he is always in my heart. And now, a little part of his story is in your heart too.

Kitties Jan 2017 (8)

My boys: Lily (top left), Paws (top right), and Furby (not sure why this looks Photoshopped).

Please rescue an animal in need. If you have the heart, they’ll provide the love.

Thank you for reading Furby’s story.