Migraines and Essential Oils

Note from J.E.DiPalo:

It has been a while since my last blog post, and I apologize. I have been going through a lot with my husband beginning his new real estate instructing career, but also attempting to finish my second book, Divided. I still hope to release it by late October – early November.

doTERRA Essential Oils have been a part of my life for over two years now, but I’ve been living with Chronic Migraines for close to two decades. Almost all the oils I’ve purchased (which are most of the single oils and some of the blends) have been tried for these blasted migraines because different people say different oils help them. Several of the oils have temporarily eased the tension in my neck and scalp, but not the headache itself.

Peppermint smells great and cools me off, but doesn’t help one bit. The Deep Blue Rub feels wonderful in massages to ease tension and cramps, everywhere except my neck and lower back where it gets too hot, and has actually triggered a migraine. Breathe is also cooling and opens my sinuses, and helps me sleep during a migraine, but it doesn’t work to relieve it. Cedarwood smells amazing and it has actually helped my headache decrease in intensity for a short period of time, but that’s it. Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Serenity, Balance, even Vetiver.

These migraines have a powerful tolerance to medication, and I guess, Essential Oils too.

My oil mentor holds classes to educate her group on uses and healing properties. I love using Essential Oils. They have made my life much healthier and brought some amazing people into my life, not to mention a 2-hour break from life on Tuesday evenings at the classes.

My mentor went to the doTERRA 2017 Convention where they released many new oils including ROSE Touch (diluted)!! Rose Essential Oil is one I’ve waited for since I started doTERRA. Besides all the stuff about Rose having the highest vibrational frequencies, which may or may not have any factual scientific basis, I have just always felt happy when smelling roses. That has to count for something, right?

In my oil class, my mentor decided last week to play Bingo and I was the second to get a Bingo! The prizes were a roller ball of Melissa oil, spray bottles of Jasmine, Rose, and Whisper blend, and samples of On Guard products. The first winner grabbed up the Melissa, and I chose the Rose spray!

The past week, two headaches did not become migraines, but lasted several hours each. Today I woke up with the “normal” pressure in my left eye that precedes a migraine, went to the bathroom… and threw up. Awesome.

I got my son ready for school, my husband took him, I tried eating some crackers and ginger ale. They came back up. I lie on the couch with an ice pack and fell asleep until 1pm when my phone rang. Got some new oils to try and each wore off within 15 minutes or didn’t work at all.

Then I remembered my Rose spray. I sprayed it into my hand and spread it on my forehead and temples.

To my great relief, the swollen feeling in my left eye greatly subsided for about 20 minutes. It could be psychological, a placebo effect because I want it to work. I want something to work. So I’ll give it time, but I’m going to keep a more detailed journal on what helps and what doesn’t and for what duration of time.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils and/or would like to purchase a kit to find out yourself, visit mydoterra.com/indelibleoils



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– J.E.DiPalo 

Flowers for My Father

The Plumerias continue growing
without my father here to keep them.

The Jasmine are still fragrant
though he’s no longer here to smell them. 

The weeds that I potted
become beautiful flowers because
my father taught me to appreciate a flower,
no matter what we name them. 

“Flowers for My Father,” A poem by J.E.DiPalo
Photos by J.E.DiPalo

Easy, Fresh Salsa!

And Now For Something Completely Different*!

Going off my normal topic of my usual whining and complaining about life and writing to bring you a delicious and simple recipe! lol  

This is the easiest thing you can make for a group or… maybe just yourself if you feel like chomping on a lot of great, healthy, and fresh veggies all at once;-) Three peppers is only 8 carbs! And look at those beautiful colors! 

Easy, Fresh SALSA!

As you can see, this salsa is all chopped stuff, right? Essentially, get this quick list of fresh veggies, grab your slap-chop and you’re in business.

Easy, Fresh Salsa! Recipe

Serves:  4 (who really like salsa) – 6 (who are more interested in other stuff)
Time:  20 mins (chopping fast!)


1               medium Vidalia onion
1               bunch of Fresh Cilantro
2 Tbsp     Lime juice (fresh squeezed, or from the bottle is ok too)
10-12        small, multi-colored Sweet Peppers (see my fat, German thumb for scale. The peppers look tiny. Sorry for my big fat thumb.)
+ Salt & Pepper to taste
1     Hot Pepper of your choice – Jalapeno, Cubanelle, Habenero, or just a sprinkling of crushed red pepper 
Tortilla chips (I like the Tostitos Scoops, but you could use your hands, depending on the nature of the party you’re hosting/attending.)

Pepper 4 BumpsPick-A-Pepper

(DO NOT use green peppers in this salsa. They’re too bland.)

One thing I want to mention that I read on Pinterest a while back, and it took me a while to try it out, is that the Female peppers are the ones you’ll want to eat raw. They’re sweeter (like all of us females, of course) and in general, more flavorful! So, sauté those male bad-boys.

The way you can tell which ones are the Females are that they have 4 bumps on top (smaller peppers, as in the photo to the left with my fat, German thumb for a scale reference) or bottom (larger Bell peppers, it’s easier to tell). 

Another thing about this Salsa is that if you prepare it a day beforehand and allow it to ‘marinate’ with the lime juice overnight – you’ll have a delicious, softer salsa (not as crunchy, but not mushy either) for those wanting to partake in your healthy veggie-fest! 

*(Monty Python will never be irrelevant, by the way)

Go. Make Salsa! Go Ahead… Run Along Now!

I hope you enjoyed my post and will enjoy the delicious snack that results from the reading of this post.

Thanks – J.E.DiPalo

Dad’s Plumerias

Missing my Dad on Mother’s Day. I wish he was with us to celebrate my 10th year as a mother🦋

These plumeria came from sticks of the original Hawaiian plumeria Dad got while we were there in 1984, When I was 2 years old. By keeping my flowers blossoming, I feel like some part of him is still with me, always sending signs. Love you, Dad

I’m sure for some, you can relate if you’ve lost a parent. My dad suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for 15 years before he finally let go of his suffering and passed. I was glad his pain was over more than anything when he died. 

For others, perhaps you have a crazy parent or family-member who drives you nuts, or may not have spoken to for a while. Believe me, I can relate to that too. Been there. 

You can’t choose your family, only what you learn from them. I have a person in my family, not my mom, that I have learned to walk away from this past year. She has too many problems for me to deal with aside from my own. It really has been better for me that we haven’t spoken, and I prefer to keep it that way. 

Maybe it helps to search for signs. I feel the plumeria help me to keep my dad’s ‘memory’ alive. If they never bloomed, I doubt I would take that as a sign that he was completely gone though – I would probably find something else to help me cope. 

So, for now the best I have to offer are the plumeria. 

Woes of Advertising

It’s been interesting getting this whole self-promoting thing going for my book. I happen to think it’s a great book. So do my mom, my friends (who have read it), and a few others.

If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, I’m a bit of an introvert, so I tend not to go around shouting, “I’m an author! Read my novel!!” But you should… you’ll like it a lot!


Great features like this are very helpful and exciting to see! I simply asked for the post, and @digitalbookgirl posted! Thank you, @digitalbookgirl!

If this helps anyone, or if there are other ideas you may have for self-promoting without the shouting, I’d appreciate some comments!