The Divided Series

The first book of the series, Indelible, is about Corbin James and everything leading up to his upcoming execution by lethal injection. A beautiful girl, Christine enters Corbin’s life and he has a strong feeling he’s known her before. He begins having strange dreams – dreams she tries to convince him are from a past life, but because of their content he doesn’t want to believe they ever happened, much less that he did any of it. When Christine is kidnapped, his search for her reveals his past and how it’s connected to mythology and legends with some supernatural mixed in. How does Corbin go from the execution to become the main character of the next book? That is what only his story can answer.

Hopefully someone in Hollywood will stumble across it, love it, and want to make it into a movie. It would be amazing to see my book come to life for everyone to enjoy.

Indelible isn’t what you think it is.

  • Because of what its characters are, it happens to touch on some religious aspects, but is not about religion.
    • It is not discriminating.
    • It is all-encompassing.
  • It is about bringing the world together while it’s being torn apart.

The second book, Divided, is a work in progress. It will be released before the end of 2017.

My Dark Soul – Hehehe

Although I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, trained as a classical cellist, love the Beatles, love Harry Potter, and now I’m a mother, crocheting while we watch TV as a family with three cats… I have a dark side. To drive my point home just a bit (for the other Potter-heads out there) I was sorted into Slytherin House. I always figured it would be Ravenclaw. I feel a little weird about that, but I have always identified more with the dark side (e.g. Phantom of the Opera).

Indelible isn’t necessarily dark though. The subject is bit dark; Corbin starts out/ends up in a lousy position, but until things take a turn, my characters are lighthearted and sweet. Corbin pushes all of the darkness in his dreams away. He has a dry sense of humor (which I love about him) – and while re-reading the book after you know the full story, there are a lot of aspects and comments that become quite funny.

The very first idea for the story came to me while I was driving home from a job I hated in 2009 and Styx’s Renegade was playing on my iPod…

“Oh Mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law. Law man has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home.”

I imagined a young guy lying on a table, waiting to be executed. His disembodied voice narrates why he’s there, and the camera zooms in toward his bright blue eye to begin showing his story.

Those were the first few thoughts that came to me. I had to pull over to write some of it down and kept writing notes and other ideas when I got home.

Over the course of 7 years, the story evolved quite a bit but was only notes and dialogue for a few years. At first, it was a Robin Hood kind of story. Instead of stealing money for the poor, Corbin was killing murderers and thieves then gets caught. It also seemed that something supernatural was going on in the background, which evolved into… what he really is. Once my dad started having serious issues with his memory (he had already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2001), the memory part came into the story. His name was always Corbin James, and her name was always Christine. Her Italian last name, DiFiore, came in a little later.

So again, here I am crocheting in my free time when I’m not writing (or having migraines, which I do quite often ← one reason it took 7 years to complete), and nobody knew I was a writer, much less that I was working on a novel. The only people who did know were my husband, son, and sister for a long time. My mom was clued in when I started telling her about a children’s book I was thinking about writing (which may still happen some day). Not long after, I presented to her my 380-page manuscript. My friends and family were shocked when I announced on Facebook that I was going to be publishing a book.

I laughed that everyone would find out like this:

“I’m thinking about publishing a novel tonight. I’m not sure though.

Hahaha – just kidding. After midnight, the link to a new book on Kindle will work and all of my friends, and their friends… and their friends’ friends… can read it and nominate it for a chance to be published in print!!!”     – My Facebook post about the Kindle Scout campaign that didn’t work out

“Stay-Home Mom by day / No-Longer-Secret Author by night                                                (Don’t feel bad you didn’t know. I didn’t tell anyone).”

My Poetic Life…

I am an introvert with terrible problems telling people my deeper thoughts and expressing myself verbally. My thoughts come out scrambled when I try to talk because I get nervous people won’t approve – even talking to friends. Although I know I don’t need everyone’s approval, I still prefer to have it versus the feeling that I’ve alienated myself.

My social awkwardness messes me up, along with the chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, and chronic neck problems. However, I also have a chronic enjoyment of writing, music (anything except rap or country), musicals (just about anything), TV (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Reign, Designated Survivor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Lucifer), movies (nearly anything), reading with my son (currently book 3 in The Inheritance Series: Eldest), my 3 cats (yes, I’m one of those), crochet (making useless items for Florida), singing in the shower, staying indoors, and watching my son grow up.

Enough About Me. Go Read!

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